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The rich resources of Montecatini Terme offer occasions for those who wish a complete Spa Package: we combine the renowned traditional benefits of our thermal water and mud with the most innovative wellness and beauty methods, such as massages, body and face treatments, slimming, relaxing and wellbeing programs.


Book a fantastic, relaxing spa break at Terme di Montecatini. Thermal aquarelax € 50.00 / 80 min. Entrance to the swimming pool Terme Redi and relaxing body massage.


What we cure

• Circulatory and Vascular system
• Digestive system and Gastrointestinal
• Liver, gallbladder and duodenum
• Skeleton, muscles and joints
• Skin Conditions
• Lungs and Airways
• Stress and Anxiety
• Kidneys and urinary tract

Healing Treatments

Montecatini's Thermal Baths have a full range of thermal treatments (from hydropinic treatments to mud-balneotherapy, from inhalation treatments to thermal rehabilitation and instrumental physiotherapy) that are the natural solution for prevention, rehabilitation and to treat important conditions.

A full range of natural therapies that meet the need to feel well and fit.

• Drinking thermal water
• Inhalation therapy
• Balneotherapy
• Mud Therapy
• Thermal rehabilitation
• Fisioterapia Strumentale


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